The Record-Breaker

29 Aug

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that I would grow up to be something special.  I didn’t know what, exactly – maybe famous, maybe a singer or an actress – but I never imagined that I would be special because of cancer.

I wasn’t even scared of cancer back then – when my mom was diagnosed with Stage I melanoma on her cheek and had to have surgery to remove the affected tissue, it seemed more like an exciting adventure than anything.

But having a record-breaking cancer has become my specialty.   When I was diagnosed with terminal Stage IV kidney cancer in July of 2009, I was the second-youngest person that the University of Geneva hospital knew of with the disease.  This is, after all, a cancer that usually strikes 50+-year-old men who are heavy drinkers and smokers.  I broke the mold in every way – 25 years old, female, non-smoker, exceptionally light drinker.

On top of that, I’ve become the most heavily Gamma-knife-radiated patient we know of in the United States, having undergone four treatments to target over 40 brain tumors.

The name Kitty must suit me particularly well, because if the doctors’ predictions had come true, I’d already be dead nine times over.

Taking one step at a time, day by day against this cancer, and forging on into the unknown against this disease in order to help others is what makes me special.  Here is my story, for whomever it may help.


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