Sometimes You Have to Stare at them Incredulously

11 Sep


As a general rule, I liked my insurance company in Geneva.  I only paid 60 francs a month for coverage and my deductible was only a few hundred francs a year, then I got 100% coverage for doctor, hospital, medical exams, and most prescription medications.  Every once in a while, though, they could do things that made me cross my eyes in disbelief.  Take one month’s insurance bill, for example: it included a flyer about how to obtain a neutral second opinion before opting for surgery (translation mine).

Second Opinion: Un second avis médical neutre

Second Opinion : An unbiased medical second opinion

Une prestation de services gratuite pour [nos] assurés.

A free service for our clients.

Les informations facilitent la décision

Information to help with the decision-making process

Un second avis médical ou Second Opinion est une appréciation du cas portée par un médecin non impliqué jusqu’ici et donc neutre avant une intervention chirurgicale.  Cette prestation de services vous aide à prendre une décision pour ou contre une opération.

A second opinion is a judgment made by a doctor who, until present, has not been involved in a patient’s care and thus has an unbiased opinion before a surgical procedure.  This service helps you decide whether or not to have surgery.

Let’s see.  I had a doctor that I knew well and trusted 100%.  He told me that I had a large tumor on my kidney that, given the lesions that were showing up on my lungs, was most likely cancerous and needed to come out NOW.  Do you think would actually waste time calling my insurance company to ask them to provide me with an “unbiased second opinion” from one of their doctors before having surgery?

Nah, not so much.


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