Confessions of a Newly Freed Cancer Patient

3 Oct


Being released from the hospital is a very freeing feeling.  My first week out of the hospital after brain surgery, I did many things that helped me feel like I was regaining some sense of normality.

  • I shaved my underarms for the first time in over a month.   It had started to look like I had white dog fur under there.
  • I went out for tea with a friend, and I was so proud of myself for wearing nice pants instead of my jeans.  Until I discovered that my fly had been down the entire time.
  • I slacked off by reading for pleasure instead of doing my Hebrew homework and learning my choir songs.  It’s kind of hard to do your Hebrew homework and learn your choir songs in the hospital.  But once you’re out of the hospital, you don’t have an excuse anymore.
  • I discovered that I don’t like roasted chestnuts.  Mom and I bought and ate some just because it’s what people in Geneva do in the fall and winter and she wanted to try them.
  • I washed my hair for the very first time post-surgery, which allowed me to discover that Betadyne makes my hair smell like a mix of hospital and dog shampoo.

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