4 Oct


Usually I like the little ironies in life.  They tend to make me smile.  But after my brain surgery, they didn’t so much.

Let’s face it — having cancer is boring.  The chemo saps your energy.  You stop working, going to school, or having a social life in general.

In the States, it seems like employers want you back on the job as soon as possible, and so do the workman’s comp doctors.  But when I finally convinced my oncologist in Geneva to give me a medical certificate allowing me to work from home post-brain surgery, my boss didn’t want me to.

Then I went to the university, only to find out that while I had missed the previous three weeks of class due to being in the hospital, the following two weeks (when I could actually have come to class) we had a vacation.  Talk about bad timing.

I’ll be honest – I was frustrated.  It’s important to have some kind of activity to keep you occupied and keep your mind off your illness.  Going to the doctor’s office should not be your only activity.  Thankfully, when I was starting to feel like I was at my lowest, my mom suggested that I take up my old scrapbooking hobby again.  That was easier said than done – it is very difficult to find photo-safe materials and decorative stickers and papers in the stores in Switzerland, as scrapbooking is not a very popular activity – but the challenge gave me a renewed purpose (and gave my mom and me a fun project to work on together while she was living with me).

I could have handled dealing with fewer of those little ironies, though.


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