The Best-Laid Plans

8 Dec


I had an entire list of projects planned for the summer I was diagnosed with cancer.

  • Finish my Master’s thesis. (Man, how I wanted for that thesis to be finished!  It had already taken me a year longer than it was supposed to.)
  • Prepare presentation and defend thesis.
  • Scout out the kosher butcher and baker in town, as well as the kosher aisles in the grocery store.
  • Start observing basic kosher rules.
  • Start observing Shabbat (and find someone to observe with!)
  • Talk to the rabbi (probably several times, knowing how those things go) to get set to start conversion classes.

But first I had to spend two weeks in the hospital (I was released the day I was supposed to defend my thesis) and then I had to stay at home to recuperate. And very soon afterwards I was placed on a medication whose most common side effect is extreme feelings of fatigue, which made it difficult to do just about anything. So I didn’t know how to plan anymore. And I’m the sort of person who insists on having a plan. It takes a while to get used to being on hold, and it can be a very frustrating process!


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