D.A.R.E. to Say No to Drugs

11 Jan


If you grew up in the States in the 80s or 90s like I did, you probably had police officers come to your elementary school as part of the D.A.R.E. drug education program.  I remember wondering why on earth they were there to talk to us, since drug and alcohol use was far, far away from my everyday reality.  The entire class was confused when the school nurse explained that medicines are also drugs — at the time we were all young and innocent enough to think of “drugs” as things that were bad for you and that would get you sent to jail.

Now, though, as a cancer patient I use many (legal, prescription) drugs to help manage my symptoms.  And let me tell you, they can pull a number on you.

For example, if you mix radiation, joint pain, and cough syrup with codeine, a red-clad Federer and yellow-clad Nadal will be playing tennis with eggplant halves, and you will be the bathroom line monitor.  It will be your job to get all the spectators who need to use the facilities through the line — and you will only be able to take care of your own needs afterward.  The problem being that Federer’s and Nadal’s line of play keeps getting in the way of the bathroom, so you and everyone else never get to go… until you wake up at 1:45 in the morning about to wet your pants.


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