Health Care and Politics

14 Jan

I don’t normally get into politics, but this really got to me.  I spent some time on the website for Sutent, the cancer medicine I first took.  The drug company that manufactures it had a program for people who don’t have insurance and can’t afford the medicine.  Okay, fair enough.  But here’s what got to me — they also have a program for people who have insurance but whose insurance company refuses to pay for the medicine.  Which is quite possibly the ONLY medicine that could save their life.

I heard a lot in the American media about health care reform meaning that the government would get between doctors and patients.  But American insurance companies were already allowed to do that.  And in Switzerland, where there is universal health care, I never had anyone come between my doctor and me.  I got all the doctor’s appointments I needed, all the medical procedures I needed, and all the medicine I needed.  And I got them all in a timely fashion — both times that I needed urgent scans, my doctors worked me into radiology the very same day.  And it didn’t break the bank.

I feel like I was very lucky to get sick in Switzerland.


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