1 Feb


Unlike Representative Gabby Giffords, I didn’t have to wait four months after my brain surgery to have my skull pieced back together.  No, my swelling went down quickly enough to have my head fixed after just a week and a half.

The scar is a circle that runs from my part line down to my right ear and then back up to my forehead.  Waking up from the surgery to replace my skull was much more difficult than waking up from the original brain surgery — I remember pain and tears from the first moment of consciousness, and it took two hours of morphine treatments to calm things down to a manageable level.  Once they finally began wheeling me back to my little spot in the men’s ward, it felt like I had a ring of thorns digging into my skull. It took me awhile to figure out where I’d heard about that before, and then it hit me — the Crucifixion.

So, hi Jesus. I sympathize. Honestly, I do. We can be headache buddies.


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