Froot Loops

14 Oct


As I’ve said before, many times cancer patients overestimate their abilities.  It happened to me (again) when I got out of the hospital after my first seizure.  I must have gone Cracker Jacks.  Or something.

I had just barely overcome aspiration pneumonia caused by the seizure.  I was in adult diapers.  I couldn’t sit up without worrying about passing out.  My new seizure medicine was giving me a real run for my money.

And I was planning on hosting Erev Rosh Hashanah dinner the following week.

The plan was for my mom to do all the cooking.  We would only be having one or two guests, neither of whom kept kosher.  All I would have to do was come up with the menu, look nice and say all the blessings in the right order.

Needless to say, that plan did not work out.  I wound up right back in the hospital with a bad case of anemia that required me to stay overnight to receive two blood transfusions.

I was definitely in Froot Loop land.


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